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City Display Fixtures

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City Display Fixtures
Glass Display Units

Glass Display Units

Enclosed Glass Display

Tall Glass Display

Glass Display

Twin Tower Glass Display

Small Glass Counter Display

Twenty Cube Glass Display

Sixteen Cube Glass Display

Corner Counter Glass Display

Four Cubed Tower Display

Glass Counter Display - Four Tiers

Floor Glass Display Shelves

Glass Corner Shelf Unit

Glass Tower with Wooden base

Two Shelf Glass Case

Three Shelf Glass Case

Three Shelf Floor Glass Case

Three Shelf Floor Glass Case / Door

Phone Booth Type Glass Display Case

3/16" Tempered Glass Shelf

8"x 44" $ 10"x10" $ 12"x12" $ 14"x14" $ 16"x16" $ Rounded Glass
8"x48" $ 10"x12" $ 12"x14" $ 14"x16" $ 16"x24" $ 12"Quarter $
8"x56" $ 10"x14" $ 12"x16" $ 14"x24" $ 16"x36" $ 14"Quarter $
8"x66" $ 10"x16" $ 12"x24" $ 14"x32" $ 16"x48" $ 16"Quarter $
10"x20" $ 12"x32" $ 14"x36" $
10"x24" $ 12"x36" $ 14"x48" $
10"x32" $ 12"x44" $ 14"x56" $
10"x36" $ 12"x48" $ 14"x66" $
10"x44" $ 12"x56" $
10"x48" $ 12"x66" $
10"x56" $
10"x66" $

Glass Connectors

Metal glass connectors are designed to connect 3/16" thick glass panels in a secure manner at 90 degree angle. Includes plastic screws that allow easy assembly of glass displays, using a screwdriver to tighten each connector to glass panels. Color: Chrome.

2-Way Glass Connector
2-Way Connector 

3-Way Glass Connector
3-Way Connector

4-Way Glass Connector
4-Way Connector 

3-Way ADJ Connector Glass Connector

3-Way ADJ Connector 

4-Way ADJ Connector Glass Connector

4-Way ADJ Connector 

4-Way ADJ Connector Glass Connector

Door Hinge $

Door Lock Pair
Door Lock Pair 

2- Way 120 Degrees Glass Connector
  2- Way 120 Degrees 

3-Way 120 Degrees Glass Connector
3-Way 120 Degrees 

Counter Top Glass Cases

Rectangle Glass Display Case

Pieces Shown

10"D x 24"W X 16"H
#10"X 12" -2PCS
#10"X24" -3PCS

Rectangle Glass Display Case Three Shelves

Pieces Shown

12"D X 24"W X 16"H
# 12"X16"-2PCS
#12"X 24"-4PCS

Glass Display Case

Pieces Shown

10"D X 24"W X 24"H

Glass Display Case with One Door

Pieces Shown

12"D X 24"W X 24"H
#12"X 24"-10PCS

Floor Glass Display Units

Glass Cube

Two Glass Cubes

Floor Glass Case

Floor Glass Tower

Corner Shape Glass Cases

Floor Round Glass Case

25 Open Shelves

Inter Locked Towers

30 Open Cube Display

Staircase Display